Beverley Unitt

Beverley Unitt of BE YOU Success Coaching,
is Australia’s #1Mindset & Motivation Expert.
Beverley calls it MINDiVATION!
Perhaps you are wondering, Why is she known as #1, and why has she been given the title the best influencer and communicator they have ever met.
It’s because, with almost 2 decades of hands-on experience inspiring a wide range of people, and keynote speaking at conferences in 7 different countries.

It’s what thousands and thousands of businesses, coaches, staff, leaders & managers have said about Beverley, after being shown HOW to get out of their own way.

It’s what they say when Beverley steps them through HOW to bypass those same old stories in their head that keep them from getting ahead.

It’s what they say after Beverley shows them very simply how to MANAGE themselves, in the face of energy-sapping comments.

Until meeting Beverley these are some of the stories that stopped good leaders & managers, and good coaches & their clients GOOD PEOPLE – flat in their tracks.

It’s what?s happening on the inside that stops good people from growing themselves and their personal ability to create life-enhancing results.

It’s the self-talk, the fears, the stories inside that stops them from getting the results they said they wanted, when they joined your company, or became your client or customer!

Beverley has the runs on the board.

She has created and taught incredible outcomes, including:

  • leading a personal multi-million-dollar team
  • AND leading a whole State in Australia to record-breaking growth
  • AND re-writing the HOW TO for an Australian company, when invited to be their National Sales, Training & Development Manager, because of the results she creates in shifting people away from their stuck thinking and behaviour

It’s taken years to make enough mistakes, stumble and scuff the knees and to stand back up again.

It’s real, in the field, experience to find the solutions, to simplify the answers into replicable, duplicatable systems to teach leaders & managers how to become capable, competent coaches themselves and to LEAD their team to create superb results.

These days, Beverley has more than 11,000 coaching hours under her belt. And thousands of hours as a professional speaker at conferences and conventions, globally.

Beverley also happens to be a life-long learner and professional educator.

As a highly experienced Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Beverley teaches and certifies those curious enough to seek ONGOING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (OPD). Beverley shows them HOW to add the outstanding knowledge of NLP to their toolbox of impact.


  • personal trainers
  • health professionals
  • managers of staff
  • sports coaches
  • life coaches
  • business coaches
  • small business owners
  • individuals who LOVE to learn and grow
  • those who are responsible for communicating to staff
  • team managers
  • retail professionals
  • partners
  • families
  • and more

It’s for those who truly value professional and personal development. It’s often discovered to be the missing link they’ve been looking for amongst those who choose to improve their communication skills, with themselves AND others!

Through her company BE YOU – Beverley is a sought-after expert by Direct Sales Leaders & Managers who are students in her Solid Gold Growth program.

This mentoring program is an exclusive & highly relevant, mastery education for Direct Sales Leaders. It is unique. It is the one and only program in the world of this calibre.

Each year; Beverley personally coaches a select number of Leaders, granted access to her Solid Gold Growth program, in developing the skills of influence.

These Leaders are gifted an incredible advantage because Beverley shows Team Leaders HOW to become a competent, capable coach. They are each personally guided in influencing their team into positive, results-focussed, ACTION!

An experienced and inspirational International Conference key-note speaker & MC, Beverley has to date – presented in 7 countries to audiences from the hundreds to the thousands, and always to rave reviews.

Professional Speaker & Specialist in Empowering Thinking, Communication & Behavior

Member International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Member Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

Member Trainers Academy (TA)

Qualified Behaviour Profiling Specialist Teaching, Consulting & Training Extended-DISC

Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Advanced Personal Development Coach

Recommended Keynote Speaker with the DSA

Specialist Skillset & Mindset Developer & Educator

Member of Rotary International