Beverley Unitt is a life-long learner with a well-earned reputation, in the field, as Australia?s #1 Mindset & Motivation Expert!

Beverley began her hands-on Direct Sales career in 2001. She left it in 2013 to remain as an INFLUENCER in the Direct Sales industry and continually grow as the expert who positively impacts even MORE Direct Sales Leaders and Consultants, with the knowledge they absolutely MUST know.

It?s taken years to make enough mistakes, to stumble and scuff the knees and to stand back up again? to find enough solutions? and to get enough results when it comes to developing a super-successful Direct Selling business.

Beverley has had incredible results such as leading a multi-million-dollar Direct Sales team, leading the State to sales and team size growth and to coveted recognition and achievement, training and coaching Australia-wide AND Internationally, plus developing Direct Selling Leaders who have gone ahead and built successful teams too, and this includes developing their ability to go onwards and shine as superstars in corporate positions!

And this means; if you were to say that Beverley is an expert coach in the MINDSET AND THE SKILLSET necessary for DIRECT SALES SUCCESS, we would agree.

Out of all the people who try and pitch you on helping you to achieve the outcomes you want, it?s been said only 1 in 20 will actually be an expert coach in YOUR industry.

There?s plenty of toe-dippers, out there. They?re trying to cash in on the Direct Sales industry. Doing a motivational hour or two at a Direct Selling conference, here and there?and then moving onto another industry conference where the same presentation is tweaked for the next audience.

Maybe even creating a short-term shift in short-term results.? But never having the hands-on, ?here?s how to stop the drop-off rate?, ?here?s how to develop the people on your team?, ?here?s how to grow your team numbers?, ?here?s how to bust through their beliefs about sales?, ?here?s how to influence your team to act on what they must do? ? the actual EXPERIENCE which can solve your problems in an instant.

Even if you find one that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do a part of the process, but they won?t have had to handle the tough questions surrounded by thousands of people eagerly waiting for the answer, when someone in the audience?s self-talk gets in the way of their Direct Sales results!?

They won?t have seen, heard and felt the positive reactions that Beverley gets to her ?here?s how to…? steps.? They won?t have constructively equipped the challenged Direct Sales Leaders to unleash their potential? and maintain it, then grow it from there.?

This is what it takes. Because it can be tough out there, for some Leaders, in Direct Selling.? And this is where Beverley Unitt makes a difference.

Beverley creates her own programs. Sells her own programs. And she delivers her own programs.

What you want is someone who can give you the full picture and he able to help you create the full result.

Today Beverley only lets the most suitable people into her Leadership programs, created exclusively for Leaders & Managers. Again, this sort of experience is what will protect you too and help change your life dramatically.

Many people love what Beverley does.? People like Elle ? who achieved 100% success sales goal achievement with the team she coached with Beverley.

People like Kim – who achieved her personal best ever sales after just one session with Beverley

People like Joanne ? who achieved life-changing improvements because she acted on what Beverley taught her.

These people have certain characteristics. They?re determined. They?re coachable. And they?re committed to transforming their lives.

So, if you have some or all of these qualities, then Beverley Unitt knows how to get you to the outcome you want.