Perhaps you?ve heard the story?there?s 5 frogs sitting on a lilypad and 5 decide to jump?.how many are left?
Many people answer ?none? ?and yet the real answer is 5!
Those frogs are still sitting on the lilypad because all 5 of them only decided to jump?. They didn?t DO the action.
As a Direct Selling Consultant or Leader perhaps you recognise this ?decision then nothing? moment at some time in yourself, or perhaps a direct sales colleague? If so; stay with me because here comes the GOLD in HOW TO THINK and get moving!


  1. ?Hopefully? does not create focus. Neither does ?I?ll try?.
  2. The success of your Direct Sales career or business is never a question of resources ? it?s a question of resourcefulness
  3. Be willing to stumble and scuff your knees. It?s been said the secret to success is to fall down 4 times, and get up 5. So true!
  4. Successful Consultants – in the world of direct selling ? are the ones who focus on their personal growth and decide to love doing what unsuccessful consultants won?t do (For example; learn to pick up the phone and speak with your database!)
  5. Obstacles don?t exist until we set a goal. An obstacle turning up means you are moving forward!

That?s right ? your THINKING guides your actions. We create every Direct Sales business result around us, through our ACTIONS or our non-actions.

So isn?t it time NOW to be in charge of your thinking and manage yourself with empowering thoughts, so you?re not sitting behind on that lilypad croaking about what might have been?

Take one of my nuggets of gold ? any one ? and act AS IF it?s true for a whole week. Write it up and print it out and put it up on your wall if you have to.

Then; anytime you notice yourself deciding without acting on your available direct sales commitment days, say your GOLD nugget of thinking out loud, and act AS IF it is true, and get moving!

Your customers? – new and existing – are waiting to hear from you!

If you find this blog with Direct Sales tips helpful, please share with your colleagues and spread this complimentary professional development for more direct selling consultants to benefit, too!

Oh?and, always remember, BE YOU!

Beverley Unitt

About the author:

Beverley Unitt is the co-founder of BE YOU Success Coaching and on a mission to INSPIRE DIRECT SALES CONSULTANTS TO CREATE THEIR MAGNIFICENT LIFE!?

As a team performance and leadership development specialist in the exciting world of direct selling, Beverley is an influential keynote speaker at conferences, festivals and roadshows; inspiring the empowering thinking, communication and behaviour necessary for consistent growth results in Direct Sales.