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A 7 weeks online course!

An Introduction to NLP

> How to achieve your goals
> How to breakthrough your limits
> How to accelerate your results

This course is for personal trainers, health professionals, managers of staff, sports club coaches, life coaches, biz coaches, small business owners, individuals who LOVE to learn & grow, those who must improve their communication skills, partners, celebrants, family members of past attendees …and more!

‘Improve your performance, achieve your goals, model excellence, communicate effectively, transform your communications skills, your business results.. and your life!’

What graduates say:

Your NLP CORE SKILLS course is so empowering and transformational! You made it immensely relevant to myself and any work I do with others. I valued the connection and contribution in the course, and I love how (what you taught) creates huge awareness. I now have the tools to move forward, with clarity. Thank you Bev  you are vibrant, engaging and you have a huge heart.– Elke Blight Abundant Wholeness , May 2018

What graduates say:

NLP CORE SKILLS had absolutely brilliant interaction all the way through. The content was engaging and relevant because I can apply it to helping my team and myself. I l loved how I felt comfortable in the learning space to be clunky, and NLP is a fabulous toolbox to work with! I have 5 new team members (in 7 weeks) since your course  and the team is kicking their goals! – Anne Naylor – Senior Team Leader ENJO Australia, May 2018

What graduates say:

NLP Core skills was relevant, challenging, fun and magic! Everyone managed the content and never felt left behind. The pace was excellent and I love Bev’s style and inclusion! Marianne Harris

LEAD TRAINER, Thermomix in Australia &
New Zealand 2016


Perhaps you have noticed some people appear more gifted, or more successful, than others. Success leaves clues, and NLP helps you unlock the code and de-mystify HOW. NLP courses are practical and useful training of strategies that work, and these strategies are simplified into techniques and processes to immediately apply.

With the keys to unlocking your own potential in your hands; NLP gives you the ability to fast-track your results, apply and excel in your field, achieve your goals in life and business and experience fulfillment

Beverley Unitt

Australia’s #1 MINDiVATION Expert