NLP Core Skills

This 28 Week ONLINE course includes our weekly LIVE Q&A hour is optional for you to attend, and is an opportunity to ask questions, learn more, consolidate and help make NLP CORE SKILLS very relevant to YOU !

Perhaps you have noticed some people appear more gifted, or more successful, than others. Success leaves clues, and NLP helps you unlock the code and de-mystify ‘HOW‘. NLP courses are practical and useful training of strategies that work, and these strategies are simplified into techniques and processes to immediately apply.


NLP – An Introduction

This ONLINE course is empowering! It also includes personal coaching with me.

Become fearless, compassionate and experience the LIFE freedom YOU deserve.Your 7 week course to improve your life!

Improve your performance, achieve your goals, model excellence, communicate effectively, transform your business results…and YOUR LIFE!



  • Attention Direct Sales Leaders & Managers…
  • Access to this EXCLUSIVE leadership program with Beverley is by INTERVIEW ONLY
  • To schedule a 45 minute strategy call and interview, click on the TAKE ACTION button
  • This Professional Development Course is ONLY for Leaders who are serious about stopping the frustration you feel and DOING something about it. It’s time to become an EXCEPTIONAL coach , instead of keeping yourself flatlining as a ‘good trainer’ and wearing that mask of confidence, while feeling rubbish on the inside!

Decide It Date It Do It

  • A 12 module Professional Development program tailored exclusively for Direct Sales Consultants.
  • 12 x MP4 videos each 60 minutes of practical, immediately usable and relevant direct sales education with your own playbook reference manual
  • Enrol and receive instant access to our exclusive ONLINE membership site
  • Choose to invest in the complete set of 12 modules in full, and receive the full set at once
  • OR choose to purchase fortnightly across 12 payments and receive 1 module every 2 weeks
  • Includes Bonus The Expert Speaks series
    Ignite your Results for Direct Sales Success

Boost Your Bookings

This Audio Education ‘Boost Your Bookings’ is brought to you as a result of BE YOU co-founder, Beverley Unitt?s dedication in leading and inspiring her clients to EMPOWERING THINKING, COMMUNICATION AND BEHAVIOUR

This audio includes:

  • The thinking to Boost Your Bookings
  • The behaviour to Boost Your Bookings
  • How to create Bookings with not enough in your forward plan
  • How to influence & secure Bookings at EVERY demo


Download these audio tracks to your favourite device, or listen to them at our secure Exclusive Membership Site for only $149 AUD

How To Stay Motivated In 5 Simple Steps

Downloadable eBook
You’re here reading this means it is time, right now – once and for all – to OWN your personal and intrinsically
motivated state. Step up and OWN your energy and feelings that serve you well; and be authentically
engaged to create any personal & professional goals.

You Will Learn To:

  • Know Your Why
  • Focus On What You Want
  • Take 100% Responsibility For Your Outcome
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Learning Zone
  • Stay Curious ~ Curiosity is Key!

Download this 24 page eBook, from our secure Exclusive Membership Site for only $19:95 AUD

Create Your Magnificent Life

Discover the mindset for success with these 12 personal development principles for LIFE AND CAREER!

These Success Principles are themes for creating a life that has meaning for you and abundance in areas that matter to you, that are important to you. When you choose to learn and choose to do these success principles, notice how awareness creates the first step to positive change.


Download these audio tracks to your favourite device, or listen to them at our secure Exclusive Membership Site for only $149 AUD

Say Yes To Me

Mp3 Audio: available on USB or CD set

  • Take your communication skills to a new performance level with these sensational insights into customer behaviour.
  • Uniquely for those in Direct Selling; discover how to hear more YES to your product , bookings and business offer!
  • Learn the 4 different customer behaviour styles you MUST know how to connect with !
  • Discover HOW to recognize the customer in front of you, and what it is they NEED from you to be able to SAY YES to themselves!

Download these audio tracks to your favourite device, or listen to them at our secure Exclusive Membership Site for only $149 AUD

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