Thank you so much, Bev, for this incredible opportunity (NLP CORE SKILLS) has been the greatest investment in my education to date and I’m pumped to apply and come back for more in the future.

Nicky McGrath


I have 5 new team members (in 7 weeks) since your course and the team is kicking their goals!

Anne Naylor

Senior Team Leader, ENJO QLD

After many years of achieving enormous success in my work space, your PRESENTING WITH IMPACT course resonated with me. I have adjusted my preparation and this and has set me up for a (more) positive result. Thank you Beverley; I know I am on the right path now.



BOOST YOUR SALES was dynamic, clear, and everyone was engaged and involved. I loved how it can all be applied to LIFE in general to get the most out of personal and business relationships!


Thermomix, VIC

Completing Bev’s Decide It, Date It, Do It course added so much value to my business and life the course allowed me to fine tune skills and also keep myself accountable each month. Her brain bully strategy has changed not only my business, but my life.

Thank you Bev for not only a great course to help my business, but also my life.

Tara Green

Arbonne Consultant, VIC

A BIG Thank You for the two fabulous sessions you presented at our Tri Nature Conference.
The consultants were raving about how much they LOVED your presentations and have left with so much GOLD to implement! WOW!

Anna Barnes

National Training Manager Tri Nature Pty Ltd

A BIG thank you for your awesome, specific business coaching. My team all achieved their business goal, that’s 100% of the team that we coached! I am so excited and can’t thank you enough for your guidance, belief and awesome training you really made me think about business from a different angle.. THANK YOU Bev, can’t wait to catch up again.

Elle Fredricksen

Leader, VIC

Since talking with you I’ve created consistency in my business. I did a personal best $15,000 in November and $5,000 in December and this means I have maintained $5,000 PLUS, every month since last July. THANK YOU! Now I have a regular income happening, and it’s consistent because of my personal and professional growth.

Sales Consultant


We have some excited and positive feedback happening out there! The energy and preparation that you put into your training sessions is exceptional. Thank you  you’re amazing.

Thermomix Junior Branch Manager


Having heard Beverley speak at the DSAA National Conference, I just knew I had to invite her to address our managers and consultants at Postie Fashion’s Annual Conference. It was the best decision I made; her enthusiasm for our industry was catching and I have never seen the Postie ladies so absorbed and excited by her delivery. She covered all topics that are vital for their success and growth. Beverley was energetic and was lots of fun. She received a great ovation at the end of the conference.

Stephen Wilson

Managing Director Postie Fashions Pty Ltd

NLP Core Skills was completely relevant to what I wanted to know. A fantastic group, very inclusive  all in a beautiful space for learning and sharing...I love the AH-HA moments along the way!

Jackie Floris

Regional Manager, New Zealand

I really enjoyed your training and this SAY YES TO ME is by far the best personal development training that I have learnt on the different behavior styles. Thank you for such a wonderful day of learning and an amazing investment for my business.

Thermomix Consultant


Yours was the first seminar I have ever been to where I have been riveted from start to finish.


Consultant, QLD

?I was absolutely thrilled with the seminar you conducted for us on Friday? practical and? relevant? timely presentation? completely engaged for the whole session. I also loved how you deconstructed each session for Group Leaders to learn facilitation skills. THANK YOU! ?
Libby Bracchi

Bayside Branch Manager, Thermomix, VIC

My expectations were met, and then some. Beverley’s sessions have had a huge impact on my life . Finally I was seeing the changes in myself I wanted to see. I started to think about things differently and apply the techniques Bev taught me. Now I focus on solutions with my head up and a smile on my face. That alone has been a life changer for me.



BOOST YOUR SALES has given me so much knowledge about how to improve my personal and business life. You made everyone feel noticed and important.


Direct Sales Consultant, QLD

I love the perfect match of NLP Core Skills with my career role, and the small focussed group meant time was made to make it relevant to my life AND my Thermomix role.

Bec Cameron

Branch Manager, Thermomix, QLD

Every topic covered (at your Boost Your Sales seminar) was relevant to my business and could be readily applied NOW? Absolutely Dynamic!


Body Shop At Home Consultant, VIC

I’m leaving here today (?Boost Your Sales?) with clarity, confidence and desire.


Direct Sales Consultant , VIC

At BOOST YOUR SALES many, many amazing and beneficial ideas that are going to change the way I operate my business. It was VERY informative and inspiring.


Thermomix Consultant, VIC

?Thank you so much for such an inspirational presentation. You have instilled something really important in me which I?m looking forward to applying not only in my business but also in my everyday life?

CE , Direct Sales Consultant, VIC

?I loved your business training session in Newcastle. Thank you?and to see the results is so empowering. I am looking forward to attending more of your work shops. Many Many Thanks?

Direct Sales Consultant, NSW

Bev is a great communicator, talking and using language I understand. A great listener too!


Direct Sales Consultant, VIC

Thank you for presenting such an inspiring, motivating and outcomes focused BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS session for our consultants last night. The reaction and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, including Truly inspirational and Such an empowering session.

Sales Consultant


Your training session was fantastic & has helped me realise how to deal with a few issues I have been struggling with. With the tools provided to help me I can now understand & accept that people think differently to me not only customers but everyone around me, and I take 100% responsibility for myself to enable me & my business to grow & develop. Thank you.


Sales Consultant, TAS

In this ever changing world, I thought it appropriate to touch base with you now rather than see the opportunity pass without saying, THANK YOU!!! You have inspired my wife and others to challenge themselves, believe in themselves and provided them with the tools and encouragement to climb their mountains.

Wayne Wright

Leader's Partner, NSW

NLP CORE SKILLS ..the depth, the variety and how it was explained and presented, took me along the journey. I love how I am feeling empowered, valued, and I invested in ME!

Tracey Greenrod

National Training Manager, Sydney

 I LOVE it (the DECIDE IT, DATE IT, DO IT course) Absolute GOLD! Thank you, thank you, thank you. A formula I can work with (and) you truly are living your life purpose and making magnificent positive change in my life. Thanks Bev !



I can’t believe how much I have learnt from your DECIDE IT, DATE IT, DO IT course. I have very much loved and learnt an enormous amount.Thank you for everything you have shared. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have grown! With grateful thanks.

Joanne Molloy

Independent Arbonne Consultant, VIC

Bev, you were like a breath of fresh air. I don’t think I have ever seen a whole group of people at a training session be so captured and inspired to go away and put the learning into place. You have certainly made everyone talk and DO. Now that’s GOLD!

Thermomix Group Leader


NLP CORE SKILLS was so much value the tools and practical application.

Julie-ann Hogan

Executive Manager for Leadership & Development, Thermomix, Australia & New Zealand

I am currently listening to your Say Yes To Me USB and LOVE the extension that you offer on each profile. There is so much goodness to carry into both professional and personal environments, in this. I have learnt DISC before but have never had it explained the way you present it. A BIG Thank you.

From a Direct Sales Company

National Corporate Trainer

Thank you seems inadequate for the value I got out of our time together at the 4 days NLP Core Skills  truly, sincerely THANK YOU. I’m so excited to see where this new awareness will lead me and how that will positively influence the people around me. (It’s) such important work you do helping people, like me, live our best life. I’m very grateful and completely in awe of the NLP gift.

Direct Sales Leader, Australia

Bev you are so GOOD !!! Love, love your work!

Shirley Piscina

Company Director & Founder, Silk Oil of Morocco, Australia

Your NLP CORE SKILLS course is incredibly relevant and helpful. What I love most about this course is the possibilities.

Tess Zanco

Junior Branch Manager, Thermomix, QLD

Great engagement at NLP Core Skills; each element so relevant to life and all presented in a meaningful way.

Rowena Arthur


I usually find sitting through presentations/workshops really hard going. YOU had me all day at PRESENTING WITH IMPACT this is a first for me in more than 25 years of attending professional development seminars. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Julie Lorenz

Julie Lorenz Therapy, VIC

Thank you for your fine contribution to the overall success of our Spanline National Conference. Your two workshops were a hit with rave reviews received from all in attendance. So much so that I would like to discuss your further involvement at upcoming conferences.

Anthony J Way

Manager Director, Spanline , Australia

?I loved the engaging and relevant content, at NLP CORE SKILLS. The style of delivery and ALL the ideas I now have for training sessions you made very relevant for my Thermomix role.?
Julie-Ann Allen

Thermomix Area Manager, QLD

This BOOST YOUR SALES session really helped me to look at my business in a different and positive way. I got a lot of AH-HA moments, motivation and confidence. Thank you!


Sales Consultant , QLD

Everyone felt valued ... at NLP CORE SKILLS. I have clarity and great new skills for coaching, training and life in general.

Eileen Macpherson

Area Manager, VIC

?Beverley?s content and delivery was excellent, funny and very relevant to my direct sales business?great tips, helpful advice.. all simple and easy to follow?

Arbonne Consultant, VIC

I have been encouraged by Bev to look at challenges in a different light. While implementing what I discovered during these monthly conversations, I have found my consistency become stable my overall business has grown. With Bev’s encouragement I have developed skills which in turn have increased my self confidence. Thank you Bev.

Mary Wilkinson

ENJO Consultant, QLD

Beverley is a great motivator and speaker and made everyone feel important.


Grace Distributor, NSW

Your PRESENTING WITH IMPACT day exceeded my expectations!

Paula Dunn

eMotivation, VIC

Beverley is extremely professional and has helped me realize I have the skills to work through some issues I carried for longer than I cared to admit! There is no greater gift than to help someone realize that they have the skills to help themselves in everyday life and how to use them. It’s like the Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Beverley has helped me understand myself and given me the tools to communicate with people on a higher level. Thanks Bev !



BOOST YOUR SALES really helped me look at my business in a different and positive way engaging, relevant and a LOT of AH-HA moments.


Consultant, QLD

First and most important, for me, was to become a healed and happy person who is in control of situations and not the other way round where situations control me! I do not trust people easily and also do not like sharing a lot of myself and, from the first meeting with Bev, I could totally be myself without feeling exposed or ashamed. After each session I was feeling uplifted and was looking at myself with new eyes. This coaching with Bev has created an awareness in me, especially towards myself, that I am worthy of love and that I can embrace all of myself. I deserve love and happiness. The greatest gift for me was to develop an awareness of situations and people around me. This has brought me peace and calm, to be the best role model I can be for my kids. That is the greatest gift I can give them, because to have a healthy belief system is like heaven on earth.



?Engaging, relevant?you outlined not just WHAT to do to boost sales, but also HOW to do it?
Doterra Consultant


Your sessions enlightened me inspired me,Totally relevant to me.

Sue Dux

Doterra Leader, QLD

Thank you for the amazing webinars you have been doing for Silk Oil Of Morocco. I wanted to let you know your sales tips were very helpful and gave me a huge sales atitude kick for my BEST MONTH SO FAR! I appreciate all the effort you put into these sessions. Thank you! “

Andrea Boland

Senior Independent Sales Rep, Silk Oil of Morocco

The content at NLP CORE SKILLS was presented and explained exceptionally well. I loved that you made the examples of each component relevant to (all participants) and myself. Thanks Bev! Fabulous course!

- Health Professional

(B.SCI., M.H.SCI.) W.A., Australia

Working with this incredible woman has changed my life. I have met someone who comes from such a genuine desire to help others be the best they can be. I have learned so much more about myself this past year forever grateful Bev.



I’ve been blown away by the coaching session we just had. You have been spot on identifying the fears I have been facing, in order to progress in my business.I cannot thank you enough for helping me to completely change the way I see my business going forward.I highly recommend you. Many Thanks.

Lu Langevin

Doterra Consultant, VIC

I’ve just finished your free webinar. The 3 Secrets to Consistency & Growth in Direct Sales and I am gobsmacked! I learnt more to add to my toolbox of success; and then you took extra time with me personally to help me identify my purpose. It was more than a lightbulb moment  it was more hallelujah and I still can’t stop smiling ! Thanks Beverley words cannot express my gratitude!

Karen Saunders


BOOST YOUR SALES was excellent, funny and very relevant to my direct sales business. Great tips and helpful advice all simple and easy to follow!

Leonie Duryea

Albury Wodonga

I am so grateful I attended your BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS session in Adelaide, and listening to your CDs has created an amazing mindshift. Our business is now better than it was Thank You for helping me be a better version of myself?

Independent Thermomix Consultant


I love the knowledge learnt and connections made at NLP Core Skills. I learnt so many new things and models that are highly beneficial both personally and professionally?

Samantha Needle

Thermomix State Manager

Thank you again for presenting such an inspiring, motivating, and outcomes focussed BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS session for our Consultants last night. The reaction and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

Sales Area Leader


My brain was buzzing after the module DECIDE It, DATE It, DO It,  like someone turned on the light in a different area of my brain. So many possibilities. Thanks so much !

Donna O'Sullivan

Branch Manager, Thermomix, QLD

Thank you again for presenting such an inspiring, motivating, and outcomes focussed BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS session for our Consultants last night. The reaction and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Direct Sales Area Leader


Thank you for a great NLP Core Skills. You really do have a big heart and a gift for training, and I found the whole experience very inspiring.

Joy Salmon

Heads-Up Consulting, VIC

Bev, you have a great ability to understand where people are at with concepts and helping them to stick for each individual.

Brooke Long

Thermomix Regional Manager, QLD, NSW, ACT

Your PRESENTING WITH IMPACT workshop was inspiring, empowering and relevant.

Jessica Humphreys

Social Concepts-Social Media Consulting, VIC

I enjoyed having my thinking challenged, which led me to even more ideas. Your session got me thinking about future possibilities and I have strategies and an implementable action plan that will really move my team forward.


Group Leader, Thermomix, VIC

So much excitement, education, motivation, fun and knowledge. Beverley Unitt (our keynote speaker) was sensational; her passion for our industry was amazing and it came from the heart  she loved sharing with us.

Postie Newsletter to Stylists

after their Annual Conference

Thank you for the wonderful session you conducted for our team. It’s always a pleasure to meet someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about their career this plus your professionalism comes through in your presentations congrats on a successful workshop.

Murray Smee

CEO, Bio Concepts Pty Ltd

I am so appreciative for the training sessions and webinars with you, it has truly helped me and many others build their business. Thanks so much for your passion.


Direct Sales Consultant, TAS

I came to Bev in need of some direction, motivation and a better understanding of how people interact, and maximising that understanding in my own life.Beverley’s non-judgemental, positive and completely understanding approach certainly makes for an amazing experience and it has been such a significant, life-changing experience for me. We also spent some time on sports visualisation and motivation and this really impacted my sporting performance in a hugely positive way.



I came to Bev in need of some direction, motivation and a better understanding of how people interact, and maximising that understanding in my own life. Beverley’s non-judgemental, positive and completely understanding approach certainly makes for an amazing experience and it has been such a significant, life-changing experience for me. We also spent some time on sports visualisation and motivation and this really impacted my sporting performance in a hugely positive way.



Having smoked for in excess of 7 years and having just had my second child born, it was time to stop smoking. If I am honest the thought of stopping smoking made me anxious and I would immediately light up another cigarette. I needed help. The adverts on TV just highlighted my problems but didn’t help.. All the things I hold most dear to me  my kids, my life, my health, my future and hopefully one day grandkids Bev has helped me get it all back. THANK YOU!

Kevin Larsen


Thank you,the results have been immediate. After a couple of epiphanies, I am feeling very empowered! I am very grateful for my personal discoveries as they have an impact on my life personally and professionally.



A huge THANK YOU. I struggled with self confidence and often thought about giving up my career. Your training has helped me immensely both in my demo and in my personal life. I had my first demo today since your training sessions and sold < personal best / highest sales ever > thanks again!

Kim Clews

Thermomix Consultant, WA


BE YOU’s impressive list of delighted clients include: