SOLID GOLD GROWTH gives Leaders of DIRECT SALES Teams everything they need to INFLUENCE and positively shift their team’s behaviour. This means their consultants HIT THEIR OWN SALES targets, BOOK MORE demos, and
GROW TEAM numbers!

No more frustration with your team, your company’s demands and yourself!
No more feeling unfulfilled – like you’re the one doing all the motivation, when consultants should be motivating themselves.
No more spending a lot of time and effort on your team with nothing to show for it.
Instead; SOLID GOLD GROWTH teaches you how to be an effective coach that influences consultant behaviour, ongoing!

Best of all

  • Gain an instant improvement in HOW your time is spent coaching your team (and this means getting rid of the exhaustion and frustration from spending unproductive days with the same-same conversations)
  • Build your muscles in being an EFFECTIVE coach (because mostly you’re a great trainer and you’ll get part way with training and then coaching with influence is critical for you to learn.To Train is to teach a skill. To Coach, is to influence a person to use the skill they’ve been trained in)
  • Know instantly the space for WHERE to take your coaching conversations, whenever a consultant stops taking action in their business (and this means a targeted conversation that creates an instant shift, instead of a hit and miss approach that gets some momentum, then the consultant stops moving again)
  • Discover HOW to coach consultants through their tools down and no action times, into instantly moving again (which means; instead of giving up on themselves, they’re instantly reignited with their own motivation and engaged with you to learn more and keep growing!)
  • Be EQUIPPED to bust through the self-talk that is often an unseen handbrake on action, for many on your team (and this means you will be equipped forever with simple strategies to bust through the number one thing that kills a lot of business owners dreams, their masterful self-talk that sucks the life out of taking action)

    SOLID GOLD GROWTH is only for people who are willing to learn and change their approach; follow a proven system; and take responsibility for their success.
    Only then can the SOLID GOLD GROWTH program lead you to the business you want, the income you want, and the impact you want for your consultants.

The program is delivered like this:


7 weeks of online training to view and learn at your own pace, and this means a productive team that achieves what they say they will do, instead of frustrating and exhausting you.
Even better; you get access to my proven systems and templates to GROW your business.


  • Your Mindset

  • Creating Clarity

  • Identifying the Handbrakes on Action


  • My simple system identifying where to focus your Coaching on

  • How to Coach with Influential Questions

  • Establishing your Business Plan for growth ahead


  • Identifying Beliefs that limit the people on your team (and self!)

  • How to Coach them through their fears

  • The different communication styles your team needs


  • The Art of Sales, HOW to SELL !

  • Releasing those old handbrakes on selling

  • Selling at a Demo


  • Bookings when there is nothing in the diary

  • Booking at least another 2 dates at every Demo

  • Stickable Demos


  • Developing Advocacy across your Customer database

  • The ‘WOW’ Phone Call

  • The Magic Formula for increasing Customers


  • Igniting interest amongst your Customers

  • Influencing the YES

  • My secret system that ALWAYS works, for Team Growth


  • What to do when behaviour is poor

  • How to coach consultants out of team-destructing behaviours


  • Building ‘tribe’

  • Smart meetings inspire smart actions


  • Fast Track your Income This one is an exclusive gift you give to YOURSELF!

12-Months of LIVE Weekly Q&A Support

To make sure you reach your end goal, SOLID GOLD GROWTH is here with you every step of the way.
We meet LIVE every week to participate in a Solid Gold Growth group session for answering your questions on the spot.
Not only do you get your questions answered, you get to benefit from the power of what in effect is a mastermind group. Your fellow students are all on a similar journey, like you.
PLUS… you can also ask questions in between times in the dedicated Private SOLID GOLD GROWTH Facebook Group for a speedy written response.

Private Facebook Group

You know that feeling like you are on your own, trying to work things out. Well, that’s old. Out with the old, and IN with ongoing support.

Outside of our 52 weeks of LIVE Q&A, you have all your questions answered in our Private Facebook Group.
And because Beverley only allows selected Leaders/Managers of Direct Sales teams to enter this program, you will be part of a committed and supportive Leaders group, where support, guidance and help is only a click away.

3 Days Live

3-day SOLID GOLD GROWTH Live Event
You know how you always value personally meeting with your trainer, and learning LIVE, right?

Well; for 3-days, you meet with your trainer/mentor, Beverley Unitt and discover LIVE the short cuts and surge ahead with the face-to-face boost, you know you thrive on!

At our LIVE 3-day event together, we give you further insights to running your Direct Sales business the smart way and elevate your ability even more.

You’ll interact with fellow Solid Gold Growth students; see how successful Leaders take their Consultants to the next level; and take home exciting new ideas for your Direct Selling team business to grow.


2 Licenses that make training, coaching & GROWING a Direct Sales team, that much easier

Instead of having to work out how to create a system that influences Consultants effectively AND shifts their behaviour, Beverley gives it to you!

This gets you up and running with team sales, bookings and expansion fast. It?s incredibly effective, and all you have to do is learn it in SOLID GOLD GROWTH and apply it.

Secondly, you won’t need to work out what to do for growing your team and bringing more Consultants on board?.the secret is all there waiting for you.



BEVERLEY UNITT - BE YOU Success Coaching

A life-long learner with a well-earned reputation, in the field, as Australia’s #1 DIRECT SALES Mindset & Motivation Expert!

Beverley began her hands-on Direct Sales career in 2001. She left it in 2013 to continue as an INFLUENCER in the Direct Sales industry and constantly grow as the expert who positively impacts even MORE Direct Sales Leaders and Consultants, with the knowledge they absolutely MUST know.

It’s taken years to make enough mistakes, to stumble and scuff the knees and to stand back up again to find enough solutions and to get enough results when it comes to developing a super-successful Direct Selling business.

Beverley has had incredible results such as leading a local multi-million-dollar Direct Sales team AND leading a whole State to sales and team size growth AND to coveted recognitions and achievements, AND training and coaching a national team, Australia-wide, AND speaking at Direct Sales international conferences.

Beverley’s favourite focus is developing Direct Selling Leaders who have gone ahead and built successful teams too, because the ripple effect means they make a REAL difference in their own lives and the lives of the Consultants who join their team.. and some of the people Beverley has helped have gone onwards to shine as superstars in corporate positions!

And this means; if you were to say that Beverley is an expert coach in the MINDSET AND THE SKILLSET necessary for DIRECT SALES SUCCESS, we would agree.

Out of all the people who stand up and claim they can help you to achieve the outcomes you want, it’s been said only 1 in 20 will actually be an expert coach in YOUR industry.

There’s plenty of toe-dippers, out there. They’re trying to cash in on the Direct Sales industry. Doing a motivational hour or two at a Direct Selling conference, here and there and then moving onto another industry conference where the same presentation is tweaked for the next audience.
Maybe even creating a short-term shift in short-term results. But never having the hands-on, here’s how to stop the churn rate, here’s how to develop the people on your team, here’s how to grow your team numbers, here’s how to bust through their beliefs about sales, here’s how to influence your team to act on what they must do..the real EXPERIENCE which can solve your problems in an instant.

Even if you find someone that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do part of the process, but they won’t have had to handle the tough questions surrounded by thousands of people eagerly waiting for the answer, when someone in the audiences self-talk gets in the way of their Direct Sales results!

They won’t have seen, heard and felt the outstanding and positive reactions that Beverley gets to her here’s how to…steps. They won’t have constructively equipped an under-pressure Direct Sales Leaders to step into and unleash their potential and maintain it, then grow it from there.

This is what it takes. Because it can be tough out there, for some Leaders, in Direct Selling. And this is where Beverley Unitt makes a difference.

Beverley creates her own programs. Sells her own programs. And she delivers her own programs. And Beverley is an active and VERY experienced Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, and this means you?re in safe and caring hands when you work with Beverley.

What you want is someone who can give you the full picture and he able to help you create the full result.

Today Beverley only lets the most suitable people into her SOLID GOLD GROWTH Leadership program. This excellent program has been developed exclusively for Leaders/Managers in Direct Sales.

Many people love what Beverley does. People like Elle, who achieved 100% success sales goal achievement with the team she coached with Beverley.

People like Kim – who achieved her personal best ever sales after just one session with Beverley

People like Joanne, who achieved life-changing improvements because she acted on what Beverley taught her.

These people have certain characteristics. They’re determined. They’re coachable. And they’re committed to transforming their lives, through stepping up and learning and applying what’s been missing.

So, if you have some or all of these qualities, then Beverley Unitt knows how to get you to the outcome you want.

Beverley offers you complete transparency, as someone who help their students LIVE weekly, answering every question that comes their way. Best of all, everything is made simple to understand.

And SOLID GOLD GROWTH also comes with a personal commitment from Beverley, that she delivers everything you need to influence and shift your team’s behaviour, ..

And SOLID GOLD GROWTH is the ONE & ONLY program in the world that teaches DIRECT SALES LEADERS how to hit their teams? sales targets every month without fail, OR Beverley will work with you until you do!


We don’t know you, your company’s demands on you, or how well you can implement what we teach. Most people don’t even get around to doing what we teach.
This means; any results mentioned on this website are not typical. It takes effort, it takes persistence, it takes determination, it takes patience. With any business, there is always a chance of things not working out.
Any results or claims made on this site in no way promise as to what you can make out of what we do or what we teach