As a direct sales consultant or distributor, you?re fully aware the day can certainly get away from you. Your day started out with full intentions to make some customer phone calls, and book some appointments in, follow up with potential hosts?.and then ?stuff? got in the way, and suddenly the day was gone.

I?ve had those sort of direct sales business days before and then it was around 7 years ago when I created a change. I discovered a simple solution ~ easily do-able ~? ?that turned my daily actions into super-productive actions!

Here?s how?

In Steven Covey?s excellent book ?The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?, the author introduces a productivity quadrant. I confess I read this book some decades ago, and picked up some great tips I found useful at the time. Then, back in 2010 when a colleague recommended Covey?s productivity quadrant, I revisited the book again!

Towards the back of the book; Covey introduces a simple daily quadrant to manage your day. The idea is; each quadrant is labelled in order of importance and tasks are allocated as they come in, and placed in their relevant quadrant. Allocating tasks like this means your day becomes productive because you start with the most important actions. You can ? of course ? utilise the original concept and use Covey?s exact recommendations, however you?re reading this because you?re in Direct Sales and your dedicated hours to developing your business results matter?and I?m sharing my adaptation!

Why? Well, I?m often asked what?s my secret to high productivity days in my business, and so here?s how it happens?I?ve adapted Covey?s productivity quadrant with very practical quadrant names that worked wonderfully for me in the world of Direct sales and continues to work wonderfully for me in my BE YOU Success Coaching business:

  1. Set up your daily diary page with this quadrant
  2. Allocate your tasks, by noting them under the relevant heading
  3. Once allocated; start your Direct Selling allocated day in the URGENT section
  4. As new tasks arise; allocate them where they belong
  5. At the end of the day, when you?re ready to close your office, prepare your productivity quadrant for the next day and start each day afresh in the URGENT column!

So are you up for it? ?I trust you are keen to action this tip. Do it for 30 days and notice the productivity you create and act on. I?m predicting you?ll find it so worthwhile!

If you find this blog with Direct Sales tips helpful, please share with your colleagues and spread this complimentary professional development for more direct selling consultants to benefit, too!

Oh?and, remember, BE YOU!

Beverley Unitt

About the author:

Beverley Unitt is the co-founder of BE YOU Success Coaching and on a mission to INSPIRE DIRECT SALES CONSULTANTS TO CREATE THEIR MAGNIFICENT LIFE!
As a team performance and leadership development specialist in the exciting world of direct selling, Beverley is an influential keynote speaker at conferences, festivals and roadshows; inspiring the empowering thinking, communication and behaviour necessary for consistent growth results.