I?ve a very important topic to talk about, with those of you who choose to make your income, and build your career, in Direct Selling! You see – right now at the time of this blog – it?s early November and I?ve been out and about speaking at direct sales conferences, presenting leadership workshops and specific consultant-relevant seminars about mindset and skillset for success, and I notice quite a percentage of the audience is IN the moment ? all hyped up about potential sales right now – with their business, and many hadn?t looked ahead to identify how they want the year to end, and the new one to begin.

And this means I decided to get a very important message out to you, right now, because today?s message is highly relevant for you and/or someone you know on your team ! It is VERY important that consultants, distributors, managers and leaders in our wonderful world of Direct Sales are well equipped to create an outstanding remainder of this year and land in the new year with the mindset and skillset to do so. I notice a substantial number of home-based business owners in direct selling ?going with the flow? and letting it happen instead of making it happen. You started you business with a dream, a desire to create something that matters to you. As Robert Orben said ?Time flies – and it is up to you to be the navigator? It?s like this?.If you choose not to pay attention to your potential – right now – for the remainder of this year AND plan to start a new year with gusto, then this means you are setting yourself up for a slow start or NO start to the new year?.and the clock is ticking ?. the calendar turns in less than 60-days time to a new and exciting year of possibilities. If you do nothing, you can expect your 2018 to start slow and perhaps ticking into some sort of regular business income around March or April, or not ?. And that?s if you have the emotional resilience to sustain nothing ?business-wise? happening for the first 3 months of a new year. However, when you hear business-building advice from your upline, your leader and experts in direct sales; it begs the question why for goodness sakes wouldn?t you listen and act? If you choose to action the tips I?m about to share; then you give yourself the way forward to thoroughly enjoy your business right up to your holiday break, and take your festive time off knowing you have done everything possible to set yourself up for a successful start back to business on your return date after the holidays ?.. So let?s play ?. I?m sharing 3 steps to stay motivated and productive from right now, and right through the festive season, and into your new and exciting direct sales year ahead.
1.?? ?Know your Outcome
2.?? ?Plan your Outcome
3.?? ?Create your Outcome
It?s time now to discover the GOLD within your first step?
STEP #1. KNOW YOUR OUTCOME? If you don?t know where you?re going; then how are you going to get there? Clarity around your destination means to start with the end mind, ?. Where do you want to land? It must have a measure on it. Okay at the time of us chatting we are in November and the way to do it is pick up your diary or calendar and mark the date on it where it is tools down for you for this year ( that?s if you are talking a break of course )? and decide what this end point looks like, sounds like and feels like. And put a measure on it . Here?s an example; Let?s say you?re a consultant/distributor who is willing to work up to 20 December this year, and then you are choosing to have a holiday break and return to your direct sales business on 9 January. You will write your goal with a measure on it ?your personal evidence for success and it could look and sound something like this? ?It is 20 December and my festive family time starts today. I see I have spoken with at least 280 customers over the past 7 weeks, who purchased my products for themselves and for xmas gifts. I have sold at least $4000 products every week and averaged an income of at least $1000 per week and I see appointments in my diary, ready to go again for the 9th January.? I see my family smiling back at me because they are happy for me. I hear them say ?wow ? well done; this has been your best xmas season ever?, and I feel so proud and know I am ready for a wonderful festive break with a strong business ahead to return to, kickstarting with a group booking dated on the 9th January. ? Interesting huh? Different for you? I?m predicting perhaps ?YES?, for many of you! And so you now notice what KNOWING YOUR OUTCOME actually means, is to fast-forward ahead in your brain to a specific date ? and time if you will ? and fire off the senses and identify a specific measure and describe this with what you see ,what you hear, and what you feel. Ignite your senses. Here?s some more GOLD ? perhaps you already know I?m an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer I present NLP CORE SKILLS courses 4 times a year and in the room are people from the world of direct sales who value being the very best they can be, and this is a bonus tip these course attendees already know? Your brain does not know the difference between real and imagined. I know you know that?s true ? think about it?how many times in the past have YOU reacted to your imagination? Hmm! And so this means because your brain is that powerful it is time to EMPOWER YOURSELF and put your imagination to work as your super-power! By vividly creating the image you desire in your future timeline AND engaging the senses in your description of how it is, you have now created a focus point to land on. What you focus on is incredibly important to be aware of. How you language your world to ?focus on what you want? (versus what you don?t want) matters because it means your brain is now OPEN to filtering in all the potential to make it happen. I can draw it for you and show you the science behind it, when we?re face to face and together, soon. When you are clear with your FOCUS, you will SEE opportunities, you?ll HEAR opportunities, you?ll experience intuitive FEELING and get a SENSE for a whole lot of things you can act upon, to bring your destination ? your goal -? to fruition. And taking a moment to make KNOWING YOUR OUTCOME incredibly clear, means you will act on all the opportunities that appear in front of you ! Take a moment, right now, to pause and put pen to paper and set your self up for the BEST Festive results ever and KNOW YOUR OUTCOME? Pause NOW!….. WELCOME BACK! Once you KNOW YOUR OUTCOME – it?s a matter of mapping out your plan. And this leads us to the second step to making it happen and ?..
STEP #2. PLAN YOUR OUTCOME? Now I?m talking with a vast range of direct sales consultants, distributors, managers ad leaders with this format and so it stands to reason there is equally a vast range of price difference and product difference amongst you. Because of this; I?m going to speak very generally and give you an example you can take across to YOUR outcome? – the one you have identified for yourself. In the earlier example in KNOW YOUR OUTCOME, our consultant or distributor desired at least $1000 income per week, from sales of at least $4000 per week and identified ? for her personal business -? this happened by selling to at least 280 people in total over the number of weeks between now and their stop date for the festive season. So now let?s break this down. To PLAN YOUR OUTCOME is like plugging in the co-ordinates on your GPS and identifying the instructions so you can arrive there. In the earlier example, our consultant knows she has at least 280 customers to sell to, she knows the number of weeks left before she closes her direct sales home-based shop for the year, and she knows she is landing with at least $1000 income every week. So on a bit of paper, if we are playing with a timeline of 7 weeks to the destination, this consultant draws a horizontal line to represent her timeline with 7 marked lines on it , representing the end point of each week, for the next 7 weeks. Follow along by drawing this example I?m giving you, and then it is a simple tweak to plug in your own desired numbers for your own action plan! At the end marker? – that?s her destination – she would write her date and her outcome. At least 280 customers purchased on or before 20 December. Seven weeks divided by 280 is a tidy 40 customers at least, so now you can write in at least 40 customers for each of the 7 weeks. She has identified $ 1000 income in every one of those weeks and she has already converted how many sales she needs to achieve that income. And, for our example,? it is $4000 sales. Write that in. If $4000 sales can come from 40 customers our consultant can see that she now has her very clear plan in front of her. Her plan tells her to sell an average of at least $100 each to at least 40 Customers every week seeking xmas gift ideas. Here?s a BONUS for you ; you?ll notice I use the words ?at least?, with volition when talking goals. When YOU use the language of ?at least?, it means your brain recognises the potential and possibility to go beyond that measure, after landing there! Cool huh? So now it is time to pause and break your OUTCOME down into smaller chunks of weekly outcomes, based on? the amount of weeks remaining from now. Pause NOW! WELCOME BACK ! You?re doing great and actioned the first 2 keys to your BEST FESTIVE RESULT EVER in YOUR DIRECT SALES BUSINESS, and here comes the final key?.
STEP # 3 CREATE YOUR OUTCOME Let?s keep playing with our example. Our consultants knows her plan is to sell xmas gifts to at least 40 customers per week , every week to achieve at least $4000 sales and at least $1000 income every week So where are these 40 customers she can get in front of or speak with. It?s brainstorm time! On your piece of paper, write down every connection space possible. Your list will include, face to face options you can do within your company guidelines, phone call conversations ? both inbound and outbound. Add in the public spaces you can be at such as setting up xmas gift shopping stalls at local market and fete spaces, take your xmas gifts to the staffrooms for teachers, and admin office places where they have a staffroom but not a retail product? – think service and admin workspaces. Then ? on your available business days, away you go. In our example; our consultant?s mission is very clear?. She sells her product to 40 people every week, and if she has 4 days in any specific week where she is prepared to invest time in her direct sales business, she can break that goal down even further to at least 10 people purchasing from her,? a day, and her OUTCOME will happen. So there you have it ? 1.?? ?Know your Outcome 2.?? ?Plan your Outcome 3.?? ?Create your Outcome Not quite an interview. Instead a very important message about the 3 KEYS to YOUR BEST FESTIVE RESULTS EVER, IN YOUR DIRECT SALES BUSINESS? Remember it was Nelson Mandela who once said, ? There is no passion to be found in playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one? you are capable of living !? I say YOU are capable of creating your BEST FESTIVE RESULT EVER with my 3 simple keys. Now is the time to ACT. If you appreciate the value in the gift of this free training, please pay it forward and tag someone, share it with someone, comment to someone you know on your team. If you value ongoing professional development , please check out my website at www.BeYouSuccessCoaching.com.au and go to POPULAR PRODUCTS, and be sure to follow my BE YOU Success Coaching facebook page to watch out for my free offers for your direct sales success. This festive season is PEAK opportunity time, and your BEST FESTIVE RESULT EVER awaits! This is Beverley Unitt, from BE YOU SUCCESS COACHING, and always remember? BE YOU!